Thursday, September 8, 2011

Just this morning...

I woke up lte so the kids missed the bus for the first time on day three of school. This won't be the last time. I get pretty frazzled when we're running late and it sets a bad tone for the rest of the day, but oh today was looking to be an exception to this rule. Dave got all the kids to school ON TIME! I sat down at my computer as Devony and Mathew were still sleeping.
Then it happened. I allowed myself to look around and realize what a mess the house was. My friend likes to tell me I'm an OCD cleaner, but if that's the case why is my house always a mess? I hurried to get everything strightened up before Mathew's physical therapist coming at 12:30. Awesome, I still had time to sit back down and lose myself in the blogging world. That was until Devony woke up.
Hurricane Devony hit our house at eleven AM and is still going strong as I type. A loaf of bread ripped up on the floor while I was in the bathroom, A threatened attack on her baby brother while wearing that I'm going to do it smile.
I finally get her to mellow out while I began to clean the mess she'd made. That was Mathew's cue to have a diaper blow out on the new carpet. I'll spare you the details of that one. So now it's 12:18 and... Therapist is here! Please let Devony not bite her. So far a pretty typical day.
Check in with me later to see how the rest of today went.

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