Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dali Decal's mini makeover series Part 2 (Appliances)

This is my review of Dali Decal's appliance decals. I have recently started to redo my kitchen, replacing my old appliances with new black ones. I didn't want to go out and buy a new coffeepot as this one was fine (I usually keep things til they are broke). Appliance decals gave me the option to redo the coffee pot for a lot less than buying a new one. They are like all other Dali decals, great quality. They were very easy to use and changed the whole look of the coffee pot.

The above before and after pictures show you what a big difference the decals made on the appearance of the coffeepot. Me and my daughter had fun doing this project this together. I would not recommend doing this  with kids under ten. I have no doubt the decals will outlast the appliance in this case. They are durable and beautiful. I have already had four compliments on my coffeepot. People asked me where I bought it. I was like nope all I did was visit Dali Decals.

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