Friday, September 9, 2011

So you want to have a large family.

Do you have what it takes to have a large family?

                                                   Must be able to handle things like this

People say one of two things to me when they hear I have 7 kids. It's either you are nuts or I want to have a large family too. Sad thing is some of the people who say they want a large family are the ones I know are not ready for all it entails. This is 10 things it takes to be the mother of a large family:

10. The ability to cook for a crowd every day, three times a day and often eat a cold meal. It seems like every time I get every ones plates ready someone wants seconds and I have to wait to eat.

9. Cold showers unless you have one of those automatic hot water tanks. Oh the luxury those must provide. A mother can dream can't she? After everyone is washed for the night all I ever have is cold water, however I admit sneaking in a 3 AM relaxing bath every now and then.

8. You can not be a neat freak because your house will never be completely clean. I just tell people to kick toys out of their way as they walk, oh and always look before siting. That's an important tip in my house.

7. Multitasking is a must. I can change a diaper while having a phone conversation and breaking up a fight all at once! Sometimes I think I sprout a few extra hands.

6. You must be able to count moving objects. I do head counts about every ten minutes while out in public. I get really messed p if one of the kids stays home. I get that heart racing who's missing fear and then I remember they didn't come to begin with.

5. Must be able to take criticism from both strangers and loved ones. Everyone seems to think they have a place to comment on how many kids you should or shouldn't have.

4. Must be able to handle unimaginable amounts of poop and vomit. Flu is a dirty word in our house. When one goes down we all go down and the mess is unreal! My laundry pile becomes a mountain range at the end of any illness in our house.

3. You can't be a person who enjoys quiet. Quiet is a thing of the past when you have a large family. On the plus side I'll take the sound of laughter and playing anyday over silence anyway.

2. You can not be selfish. You have too many other people with needs and wants. Going out spur of the moment WILL NOT happen. Another thing to remember you will never be on time for anything again.

1. This is the biggest. You must be able to handle a lot of hugs, kisses, and happiness!!

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