Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dali Decals review and giveaway

Dali Wall Decals

I have had so much fun doing my Dali Decals $10 makeovers. These were the first of my video reviews and I loved it! It helps to have had a wonderful product to use as well.

Dali Decals are top quality. I have bought so many wall decals over the years only for them to eventually to fall off never to stick again. On top of that store bought decals are run of the mill. Dali Decals are unique and beautiful. Plus they can be matched to so many colors anybody can find something to match their decor. Their choices seem endless!

Everyone has gotten a kick out of my suggestion box decal on the toilet and my hand prints on the window have received a ton of compliments. My favorite thing was seeing my daughters huge smile when she saw her wall for the first time. It was a great surprise for her.

I love that I can wash the decals and not worry about them coming off. Janelle has already tried to get one off and couldn't. Any Janelle proof product is an A+ in my book.

The decals do take some time to put up, but are well worth the invested time. Dali Decals sends a practice decals that helps when it comes time to put up the final project.

Kids can help a little bit with these projects. I let the little ones helped push out air bubbles and picked a place to put he decals. The older ones were able to help peel off the backing. I suggest this to be a 90% grown up job though.

Have I mentioned the quality of these decals? I have, well it's worth mentioning again. You get way more than you pay for with Dali Decals. You can tell they don't cheap out when it comes to the production of these decals. These are meant to last!

I am proud to have Dali Decals on my walls and am comfortable recommending them to not only to friends and family, but everyone. You won't regret purchasing Dali Decals and doing your own makeovers.

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Check out Dali's back lot here
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I was given this product free to review. All opinions are honest and my own.


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