Saturday, September 10, 2011

Proceed with Caution this Giveaway has been taken over by ZOMBIES!!!

Do you have your zombie gear ready?

I know this sounds crazy, but we are under zombie attack. They have overtaken the United States and are only growing stronger every night. Zombie walks are happening from Floridia to New York, movies, and books. Yes, zombies are the new thing. Even my family has been bitten in the brain by this phanominon.

My daughter has been driving me nuts (in a way only preteens can) to get her a t-shirt that reflects her love of zombies. I found it at Costume Squad under their Zombie T-shirts section. It was hard to choose one, but decided to get the shirt with instructions of where to go in case the zombie Apocalypse happens and she forgets what she learned in all those movies. This shirt could save a life if zombies start wandering the streets. 

Sara absolutely loves this shirt.I love that it is 100% cotton. The shirt is well made, it's durable, fits well, and catches attention. As long as she doesn't get caught by zombies she'll have this shirt for years to come. I am also extremely happy that this shirt can't been seen through like a lot of white t-shirts can be.

Costume Squad has a HUGE selection for Halloween. They carry costumes at great prices. If costumes aren't your thing try one of their Halloween t-shirts. You will definitely catch attention with them! Even your dog can get in on the scary fun with their Dog costumes.

If you start hearing groaning and something starts beating on your doors the zombie Apocalypse may have begun. Don't be left unprepared get your zombie t-shirts today from Costume Squad.

To buy:

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Winner will be chosen September 19, 2011. Winners can not be blog owners or have won a prize from them in the last 90 days. See rules and disclosures page.


  1. My T-Shirt would say Where's my coffee!

  2. I already have a zombie shirt that says "zombies just want a hug".
    brittneydejajason at gmail dot com

  3. Mine would say "Brains!!!"

  4. Mine would say I love Brains!

  5. I heart zombies i know my wife would love it haha!

  6. It would say 100% pure zombie-
    Want to find out? Leave your room a mess and don't do your homework
    Diane Baum

  7. My tshirt would say
    Rule #22 When in doubt, know your way out!
    Thanks for the giveaway :)

    Mallory Nichols
    modest_mal at yahoo dot com

  8. I have the "Zombies Just Want a Hug" and also say one before that said something alone the lines of, encase of a zombie attack I'm tripping you haha

  9. Mine would say "Follow me if you want to survive!"

  10. when in doubt,know your way out

  11. It would say something like "Grab a bat!"

  12. caution: zombies ahead! clallen at ntin dot net

  13. Zombie Defense Organization
    s8r8l33 at yahoo dot com