Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hurricane Devony

Don't let the adorablness fool you

I know people refer to their kids as tornados, bulldozers, etc., but Devony being referred to a hurricane is not an exaggeration at all. The girl has been a handful since she was born. She was the only one out of the seven kids to have colic. Sometimes I wonder if it was colic at all or her just wanting all the attention. Devony is two now and her destructive path is only becoming larger by the day.

Devony thinks diapers are optional. She doesn't want to potty train, but doesn't want diapers either. She'll take off full run when you put a diaper on her, pulling it off as she goes. We did find she can't pull off the Huggies pull ups...yet. I have found diapers in toy boxes, in the bathtub, drawers, etc. The child will hide them anywhere she can. I've tried to teach her to throw diapers out, but she thinks garbage cans are optional as well.

I find the child in the strangest places. I've come out of the bathroom (This is Devony's prime destructive time) and find her on the counter pulling dishes off the shelves. This is an achievement considering the counters are 3 1/2 feet tall! She gets on top of the bunk beds and runs away to the other side of the bed laughing everytime I try to catch her. It's no wonder I've lost thirty pounds since having the baby in March.

Devony has PICA so she eats everything. There are big chunks of her crib just gone. You never find a shred of wood so she is digesting it. Cat litter is one of her favorite treats, and then there are candles, lip balms, massive amounts of sand and dirt. Yet she refuses to eat certain foods. We have to keep all poisons way up high!

If your asleep she'll dive on your head, she bites, screams this high pitch squeal for fun. The first thing people say about her is how loud she is. The list of Devony can go on and on. She is by far the most umm... how do I put this... spirited of all my kids. Still I wouldn't change a thing about my little comedian. She keeps us on our toes, but also keeps us laughing.

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