Friday, September 16, 2011

Let them be who they want to be with Just Kids Costumes and 10% off too!!!


A baby dressed as a peacock, no problem Just Kids Costumes can make it happen. They have a huge selection of unique and classics costumes at great prices. You're biggest problem will be choosing just one. I found at least six I liked for the baby alone!

Halloween shopping is never easy in our house. We end up having to shop at three different places to ind one each of them like. Not anymore!  Just Kids Costumes has simplified my life by offering costumes all my kids will love in one place.


Lucy from the Peanuts said: "A person should pick a costume that contrast her own personality" so I found a
Little Angel costume for Devony. With over 3000 quality costumes in stock how can a person walk away without finding exactly what they were looking for? I also love that I know I can sit and scan through all the costumes with my kids sitting right there. I don't have to worry about them seeing inappropriate costumes, causing me to have to make up explanations.

Halloween night in the northeast is cold. Some Halloweens we even get snow. I hate those thin costumes because the kids have to cover their costumes with coats then. I could have saved myself money ever year and just bought them a hat and told people their costumes were under their coats, no one would have known. I was thrilled to see that Just Kids Costumes carries a lot of the heavy fleecy costumes that are warm enough no coat will be needed!

I know you'll love Just Kids Costumes as much as I did. You'll love them even more for giving you all a special discount! Go to Just Kids Costumes and use the discount code: BLOGGER10 for 10% off.

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