Monday, September 26, 2011

Dali Decal's part 3 Window makeover

Dali Decals can be used on windows, but these are way better than the season window clings you can buy at stores. These are unique, stick so well they will not come off until you want them too, and the price is great.
Sticking with my $10 theme I picked the Hand print decals. I intended to use them on the van, but like my husband pointed out we're buying a new one soon so I used them on our hallway window. It literally took me five minutes to put these up and I have already have received  a lot of compliments, including from the UPS guy. He thought they'd been painted on.
These were by far my favorite of all my $10 makeovers!

To Buy: Dali Decals

I received this product free in exchange for a review.

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