Thursday, September 29, 2011

SmileBooks Review and discount code

SmileBooks - Real Photo Books, Real Simple

I recently had the opportunity to try out Smilebooks. I have made a lot of photo books from a few different places online. I found Smilebooks to be a few steps ahead of their competitors. They offer a huge selection of sizes and option, page layouts, etc. Their software is easy to use and has a ton of designs to chose from. Best of all, their prices are great. I absolutely love Smilebooks.

You can get custom photo books at great prices from Smilebooks. I had a hard time finding enough pictures to fill all my pages, because you can choose from one to eight pictures per page. I did the custom 8x11 and was using 4 pictures per page, until I ran out of pictures. At that point I had to change to full page or some of their cool one picture frame options. There is at least ten choices of layouts for each number of pictures you want per page.

It took me about a half an hour to download the software and create my book. It was all very simple and fast. Everything is right on one page and allows me to chose a background, layout, and texts for the book. I went with a matching background on each page because I'm OCD like that. It was very simple to put together a summer 2011 themed photo book.

The book came in a week, which would be great for last minute gift ideas. Who doesn't like a photo book of their children or grandchildren? I was actually shocked at how fast it came as I have waited upwards of three weeks through other companies.

The book quality was great. The paper used was thick and durable and the binding was perfect. The hardcover was glossy and looked very professional. I would be proud to give this book as a gift.

Smilebooks is offering a 30% off discount code for my readers to try out their own photo books. Just enter this code at checkout:
They also have special surprises just for signing up. 

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