Saturday, September 3, 2011

TrueCare review

I was never one to worry about my kids online. I'm the parent who has the computer in the living room so I can watch them every second they are on. I talked to them about the dangers online and thought they listened. Then I got TrueCare to review.
It was very easy to sign up and link to my children's social media sites. It took maybe 5 minutes. Then I put in the key words I wanted watched for. A week later the emails started rolling in.
TrueCare sends emails to parents letting them know if there is activity that needs checked out. The emails come fast and have a link so one can find out more as well.
It turns out my son was freinding adults online who I nor he knew. This set me off. I erased everyone he shouldn't have, took away his Internet privileges for a week, and reminded him of the dangers.
I am extremely pleased with TrueCare. I will never again take for granted that the kids are ten feet from me online so they must be safe. This service truly is necessary with kids and teens that use the Internet.

Here is how the alerts come to your email:

Friend Out of Network
david has added John Doe on Facebook.

This person is outside of your child’s current network of friends, meaning they do not have other mutual friends with your child.

This may not be a reason for concern, however, we wanted to make you aware of the situation so that you could determine whether or not you needed to discuss it with your child.

Log In at and visit Friends Network to see the public profile information for this friend.
For additional support contact us at:

Monday - Friday 
7:30am - 7pm CST

I recieved this product free to review as a buzzAgent at

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