Wednesday, September 21, 2011

One Buck Horror Volume One Review

Title: One Buck Horror Volume One
Publisher: Coronis Publishing

Okay, I admit it. I wasn’t sure I was going to like One Buck Horror. I mean come on how good could an anthology be that is only a buck? I was pleasantly surprised to find it was great. I got way more than a dollars worth!

All the stories are well written, well edited, and enjoyable. I had to sleep with the lights on! The book was so good in fact I am making sure to acknowledge each story in Volume one. Volume two and three will come in another review.   

One buck horror vol. 1

Jenny’s house-
This story is very short! Like a 5 minute read, but well written. It’s supposed to be from a young child’s point of view and I think the author captured a child like way of telling the story.

A Lullaby for Caliban- My absolute favorite of all the stories in the book! I didn’t see the twist at the end, which is how I like a good story.

Last Nephew- A good make you think type story. I was caught up in it and think the scariest thing about it was the things left unknown.

The cornfield- This is another one of the stories that surprised me in the end. I enjoyed this story. It’ll pop in my head every time I’m in a cornfield from now on.

The Gingermen- This one was quite different than most short horror stories. It’s the kind of story that the scariness sneaks up on you well after you finish reading it.

All of the stories are fast paced (under three-thousand words). I liked the speed of each story as it kept me on the edge of my seat. The surprise endings were spectacular. I don’t know how Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins were able to gather so many great writers, but they did it.

I am comfortable recommending this book to most horror fans. If you like a lot of detail this may not be your book. Remember the stories are three-thousand words or less. This is a great book that will leave you trembling.

I received this book free to review, but all opinions are honest and my own.

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