Monday, March 2, 2015

Elleda Organic Vitamin C Serum

My skin is singing the song of Elleda Vitamin C serum. It feels so vibrant and refreshed. This serum is easy to apply and doesn't leave an oily or sticky film on my skin. There are literally hundreds of Vitamin C serums on the market, but this is the best I have found yet. It doesn't have an overpowering smell and feels so good. Just a dab goes a long way. You can feel your skin freshening as you smooth it across your skin. I saw results within 24 hours of using it.

The Elleda Vitamin C serum isn't too expensive that people can't afford it. It's priced just right. In fact for what it does it's cheap! I love how healthy my skin not only feels, but appears now. I put this on in the morning before my makeup and it only takes a few moments. I don't have time to add any long process to my daily routine so that's a huge bonus.

If your searching for a great facial product to take years off your look this is the one. Your skin will thank you.

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I received this in return for a review and stand behind my opinion 100%


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