Sunday, March 1, 2015

Our grandparents lives VS ours

This is a quick comparison of our grandparents lives VS our own. I think maybe the change in living styles has caused the change in society. This came up yesterday when I told my husband I thought maybe we were the last generation that didn't rely on computers. You decide and also which life would you like best?

Day to day living


-Went to work in an office where they wrote with a pen and had face to face meetings.
-Mothers stayed at home and kept the family running smoothly.
-Families relaxed at the end of the day and on weekends.
-Kids sports consisted usually of schools sports and impromptu games in empty lots or playing fields.
-Streets were filled with sounds of children playing.
-Communities got together and true friendships existed between neighbors.


-Go work in an office where we work on computers and have meetings via video conference.
-Some mothers work and some stay home same for fathers. Usually there is a full time job for both and they work together to manage the home.
-After work and school families begin the daily dance of going to activities scheduled to keep kids "busy and engaged".
-Kids sports are everyday, multiple sports, and parents get pissed if their kids don't get to play enough or lose. Then again sometimes there are no losers, which is a whole other pet peeve of mine.
-Where have all the children gone? Our playground maybe has one or two kids on a good day.
-What's my neighbors name again?



- Phone calls were looked forward to and if you were a kid you had to make it quick so as not to tie up the phone. They didn't even have call waiting.
- Kids hung out...together...places...and spoke...with their voices.
- People were polite and took time to have real conversations and greet people


- Quick my battery is dying I need to find a plug
- Kids talk via text and sometimes get together and text each other conversations while they sit beside each other.
- Who has time to be greet people? Will this cashier move faster I have to have my kids at Karate in 10 minutes and still have to pick them up from gymnastics.



-Nuclear war
- war


- Global warming
- war
- Nuclear war
- biological war
- terrorism
- Cyber war

And we wonder why our generation has so many people with depression issues!!!! Just saying.

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