Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Why I'm taking my kindergartner to the orchestra

Not many people would want to take a small child to the orchestra, but not me. I think it's so important to expose you kids to all different types of music. It will help them grow a love and appreciation for more than just what's hot at the moment.

I am really like that our local Philharmonic does a series for kids. For my birthday this year I am taking my daughter to see them do Disney! What a beautiful way to expose her to all of the wonderful melodies and instruments within the orchestra.

I really hope she grows a love for the beauty of it all and asks to go again. I love any opportunity to expose my children to the arts. I have three who play instruments now, one who loves to sing, and one who wants to do drama. We can't leave it up to the schools to expose our kids. They don't have the time nor the funds to make the impact we could be.

I love black and white films and old westerns because I was exposed to them as a young child. If it weren't for people like me those old films would be forgotten. How sad would it be for that to happen in the music world or art world in general. We have to teach a new generation to love these things. To see they can be cool and fun.

I encourage you to take your child out for an evening. Go see a old movie, a symphany, art show, or an orchestra. Have fun with it and teach them to love it too. You'll be passing onto a new generation something that should never be lost to time... the ARTS!!!!

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